We could not have been more impressed or relieved. Barry made everything simple, kept his promises, arrived on time and got the job done… and the blinds are awesome, they look amazing and work so well they are perfect for us!!! Thank you! We would recommend Inviron Group to anyone.

After 12 months of renovating, tradies walking through the house, a construction site out my back door and dust and dirt everywhere, with everything that could go wrong, going wrong, 3 small kids running around and a business to run I was at my wits end.

I just wanted the job done. My husband kept telling me to be “patient”. This made me more impatient, in fact it made me furious. He promised me he would sort out the outdoor blinds. They were one of the final pieces of the puzzle and would finally keep the weather out.

I wasn’t convinced it would all get sorted out that easily. We required massive blinds at a substantial height and all I could foresee were problems with tradies and massive amounts of money to be spent. Luckily, something went right.

My hubby was put in touch with Barry from Inviron Group. It was the easiest and most cost effective thing we did through the whole, massive project. Barry came out once and left us a quote, we were relieved with the price, ordered the next day and he came out the following day for final measurements and a few days later the blinds were being installed.

A couple of phone calls and a couple of visits and all is done!!!!!!

Kristie & Sean,