Environshade Ziptrak Blinds

When we at Inviron enclose your alfresco / outdoor areas with enviroshade mesh Ziptrak® blinds you effectively block out 95% of the sun , wind, rain creating a private area whilst still providing natural light , air movement, ventilation but retaining your views externally .

Combining all these elements will create a pleasurable outdoor dining, entertaining alfresco experience allowing you to generally kick back , relax, watch tv . read a book or just have a ball with family and friends .

All Inviron outdoor blinds are manufactured using the leading edge Ziptrak® blind system, proven for it’s ease of use and quality and durability in thousands of installations.

The ease of operation with your new Ziptrak® blinds allows you to put your blinds up / down or at whatever level you decide in a matter of minutes thanks to the central quick release bottom bar .

The enviroshade mesh material consists of 27% rayon thread and 73% pvc . the warp / weft weave means there is only 5% openness thereby reducing the wind , rain, sun and keeping out 92% of the harmfull uv rays that can fade outdoor furniture .

Maintenance of enviroshade is to wash down with a garden hose at least every 3 months to ensure a long life of your blinds

Inviron will bring your outdoor living space to life, maximising your investment and enjoyment. Phone or Email for a quote today!