My Outdoor area attracts the afternoon sun and makes entertaining difficult what should I do ?


If you have built and created a family friendly outdoor area  its not always possible to entertain outdoors due to the weather be it sun ,wind or rain. A client of our recently had this very same issue

By installing charcoal tinted pvc café blinds in the Ziptrak® system we were able to deliver a fully enclosed entertaining / dining area protected from all of the elements for 365 day use . We enclosed the  blinds in pelmets to protect from the dust and weather .  .

Now  the family can enjoy this area all year round and also have retained their views to the garden


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I have an outdoor spa and want to use it all year round, how can I achieve this?


At Inviron Group we can certainly turn your ordinary outside spa into an relaxing outdoor retreat area. Firstly after asking our clients exactly what they are trying to achieve  we advise, design, and install Ziptrak® café blinds using  dark coloured enviroshade mesh. This allows us to deliver an outdoor spa area that is protected from the , wind ,rain in the winter yet also offered shade and privacy throughout the summer.

Once installed our client will achieve a spa retreat area to rival that at a 5 star hotel.


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