5 Mind-Blowing Benefits Of Roller Patio Blinds

Whether you have a pool cabana, a veranda, an outdoor spa area or an unused patio, you may have found yourself neglecting these areas due to the harsh sun. Roller patio blinds are available for all of these situations and more. We’re going to show you how to stop putting yourself at the mercy of the sun. Use roller blinds to reclaim areas of your home and garden that you don’t get to spend as much time in as you’d like. Here are five mind-blowing benefits of the latest generations of patio blinds.

#1. Create An Outdoor Living Area

PVC Outdoor blinds are available in either clear or tinted opening up a world of possibilities. Custom-ordering these blinds to fit in your veranda or patio lets you put soft furnishings in the room such as sofas and recliners without having to worry about the UV rays from the sun fading and cracking the items. Blinds are UV stabilized and block over 90 percent of UV light. You can comfortably park your favourite Lay-Z-Boy recliner in an area fitted with roller blinds without having to worry about it becoming sun damaged.

#2. Get Privacy And Utility

A popular solution for homeowners who need privacy around their outdoor spa area are mesh roller blinds. These offer up to 95 percent respite from the sun, wind and rain when lowered without spoiling your enjoyment of the pool or spa. If you have a spa area you’d like to keep private without creating a permanent barrier, mesh blinds are the best way to accomplish that. They can be lowered when you need privacy and retracted when the pool is not in use.

#3. Improve Your Home’s Thermal Efficiency

Installing roller blinds on a patio area allow you to effectively vent your home without having to worry about the sun’s heat or insects such as mozzies. Blinds are lowered and kept in place with an aluminum central release bottom bar meaning that they don’t flap in the breeze. It can really help you keep your electricity bill under control if you rely on natural ventilation instead of air conditioning to cool your home as much as possible.

#4. Get Year-Round Usage From Your Property

Roller blinds are a great way to use areas of your home and garden that were previously off limits. Many Australians stay away from their patios during the peak of summer due to the intense sun. Blinds not only block the harmful UVA rays, they can reflect and reject much of the solar heat as well. Unlike other solutions such as shutters and awnings, roller blinds do not affect your view and let you enjoy areas of your home that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to.

#5. Ultimate Convenience

Remote controlled roller blinds can be programmed to raise and lower at certain times throughout the day. They can be set up to run on either mains or solar power and provide ventilation at the right times. Suppliers of patio blinds in Adelaide can match the right type of blind with the age and style of the property giving you shade and respite when needed.

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